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Maternal Mental Health Month

The Nintirri Centre would like to acknowledge World Maternal Mental Health Month, as together we raise awareness around Perinatal Health.

The focus of this month is to draw attention to essential mental health concerns for mothers and families. Life changes around pregnancy and the first year of having a baby make mums and dads more vulnerable to mental health concerns.

This year the theme is ‘Journey to Recovery’, as everyone’s journey is different. It is important to seek help if you are feeling like you are having a hard time and need some additional support.

Living in the Pilbara can exacerbate these challenges. Often we are living far away from family and friends; feelings of loneliness, lack of family support and the vast isolation of being remote.

These feelings are REAL.

“Let’s get real” and start having open and honest conversations around how you or your family are feeling and address the topic of perinatal anxiety and depression in women and men.

Here at the Nintirri Centre, we provide a supportive platform where we can reassure families and direct them to vital resources and safe support which is what people need most at this time.

Would you know how to start the conversation with a loved one around perinatal anxiety and depression? PANDA has some great resources to help support family members caring for someone with PND/anxiety.

Keep on eye out also for our Mindful in May Events throughout the month, which can be used to help facilitate recovery.  Alternative approaches such as Art, Mindfulness and Resilience can be used to assist in providing tools to help you cope better with the challenges of parenting and help you connect with others.

Stay tuned for our “Pass the Popcorn for Perinatal Health” Event which will be coming later in the month!

Our Community Midwife is available for consults on Wednesdays, to book an appointment email

See below some additional resources: