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Art and Culture

Nurturing arts and culture in our community to facilitate capacity building and community development; drive social and multicultural inclusion and engagement.

Art, Culture and Tourism Development

Nintirri recognises the transformative power of arts and culture in the community and aims to develop an arts landscape as distinctive as that which surrounds us. Strengthening the identity of the region through shared knowledge and promotion of cultural vitality.

The Karijini Experience

The Karijini Experience is an art and culture event delivered annually in Karijini National Park (14 – 18 April 2020) and is a major project of the Community Resource Centre.
Our focus is on creating an iconic event that significantly raises the profile of the Inland Pilbara and the very special environmental and cultural assets that the region has to offer.
In doing this, the event delivers a number of social, cultural and economic impacts that enhance and promote tourism development for the Inland Pilbara.


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