Tom Price Arts Hub.

The Arts Hub, learning Centre was established in 2019 with the vision to create an art learning studio for the community and a space for local artists and artisans to display their work. Nintirri aims to develop an arts landscape as distinctive as that which surrounds us. Strengthening the identity of the region through shared knowledge and the promotion of cultural vitality.

The Tom Price Arts Hub provides the community with real-life experiences and opportunities through expressing creativity and giving individuals a sense of finding themselves through art.

We facilitate a range of workshops and showcase the art of local and travelling artists.

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Our programs are

  • Reiki and Bush Flower readings
  • Draw and Tell with Gav
  • Kids craft
  • Crochet club
  • Book Club

The centre is open weekdays and the following spaces are available for use to the public free of charge

  • The Music Room
  • A craft and sewing room
  • An Art Room
  • The Spiritual Room
  • The Screen Printing Room
  • Open Kitchen space for a coffee and yarn                


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