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Nintirri Family and Domestic Violence Service

Provision of counselling, support and prevention programs to raise awareness and reduce the incidence of family and domestic violence.

Karijini Family Violence Advocacy

Nintirri Family and Domestic Violence Service is a free community service for people struggling with personal, emotional and family issues. It provides confidential support and domestic violence counselling through a non-threatening, non-judgmental and informal approach.
Support and counselling is available to victims, perpetrators and other associated family members (including children) of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds who are affected by family and domestic violence.

Prevention and education programs are also a vital part of this service and are delivered in Tom Price, Wakuthuni, Bellary Springs, Yongaleena and Paraburdoo.

Drop ins are available at the Nintirri Centre:
Monday and Friday 8am—2pm.


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