Our Strategic Plan

In 2016 The Nintirri Centre invested significantly in developing our Strategic Plan for 2017-2024.  The development of the strategic plan involved extensive external and internal consultation to understand the activities that Nintirri should be focused on that would help us achieve the community, organisational, and service level outcomes.

The strategic planning process was facilitated by Peter Kenyon from The Bank of Ideas who has been a significant contributor to the introduction and development of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) philosophy and practice and methodologies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, and the Middle East.

The Nintirri Centre are increasingly adopting the ABCD approach across its services, ABCD is a globally adopted approach that recognises and builds on the strengths, gifts, talents, and resources of individuals and communities to create strong, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

ABCD is a powerful approach to community engagement and development that focuses on the strengths and collective vision of a community rather than whats’s lacking and its problems. By giving our community member’s power to make decisions on what we provide and to contribute to our services and activities, we build our relationships and create space for opportunities to emerge and to build community capacity


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