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Little Geckos awarded the tender for the new child care centre in Tom Price

It is with great excitement that we share the news that Nintirri has been awarded the tender as the new Childcare Centre Operator in Tom Price. The 96-place, purpose-built facility will be located on South Road, Tom Price.

The Shire of Ashburton has awarded the tender to The Nintirri Centre to operate the new child care facility in Tom Price, estimated to be completed late 2021 or early 2022. This will be a larger, purpose-built facility and will be the sole long daycare centre in Tom Price.

The Nintirri Centre have been advocating for a new centre for over ten years while building upon partnerships with Rio Tinto and The Shire of Ashburton, providing recommendations to the requirements of the community. The new centre has been a very long time in the making and everyone involved in lobbying, advocating, relationship building over the last decade has paved the way for the outcome.

This is exciting for a number of reasons, foremost because it allows more families to access childcare they desperately need, provides children with a new, purpose-built space and environment that will make their days more fun and the operations and hard work of our educators easier.

The Nintirri Centre are well aware of the difficulties faced by families living in the remote location of Tom Price. Isolation from families and support networks are common, and lack of child care services have worsened this for many families who are unable to work or give their child time with other children in an early childhood education setting. The new child care centre will change the lives of many families and create more local opportunities.

The Nintirri Centre team are excited to be a part of improving the service capabilities for the community.


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