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How does the Childcare Waitlist work?

The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment has developed compulsory guidelines for childcare centres to grant access to their services, in which Little Geckos abide by. The decision-making process behind filling coveted waitlist spots is more complex than it may seem.

Accurate information is key to understanding the personal experiences faced by the families of Tom Price. Nintirri understands that the lack of child care spaces in Tom Price, affect the quality of life when living in a remote town and have been advocating for the past 10 years for a new childcare center to give all families access to the service.

Here is an example to show how the guidelines would work in one instance:

Three main priority groups are applied in the first instance. However, there are sub-priorities within each priority category that add complexity to the process.

For example, there are ten families on the waitlist who fall in priority group 2. They have signed up on various dates which helps determine who should be accessing childcare first.

Family number 11 has a disabled person in the family OR has a non-English speaking background OR is a single parent family OR is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family.

Family number 11 will be allowed to “jump the queue” and access childcare ahead of the 10 families who were already on the waitlist.

This is in recognition by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment of the level of vulnerability those families are experiencing in comparison to those families who don’t fall into the sub-categories; and the importance of removing barriers to accessing childcare.

You can access the full guidelines here: Priority of Access Guidelines for Child Care Centres

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Early Years Care and Education Director, Arfah Rahmat at