New Owner to take over the Pickled Bean Cafe’

New Owners to take over The Pickled Bean Café
**Café trading name to be announced soon**

The Nintirri Centre Inc Board and Management are excited to announce that new owners will officially take over the café from Thursday, 1 September 2022.

Hayley Barnett, who is the current Manager of The Pickled Bean café, comes with a wealth of experience in Hospitality and has operated successful cafes in Perth.

In 2018, the Nintirri Centre Inc purchased the Pickled Bean Café from the original owners who had successfully created a café that was homely with a taste of Perth in the Pilbara. As a not-for-profit organisation, Nintirri saw the importance of keeping the café open.  The Bean was and is a social gathering place for our community and ensuring good quality homemade food and coffee was paramount. As a social enterprise, any profits generated by The Nintirri Centre from the Bean were put back into community services.

As part of our commitment to Social, Business and Economic Development, along with recognising the challenges that comes with running a café as a large community organisation, The Nintirri Centre has made the decision not to renew our lease and enable a local business owner to take over the reins.

The Nintirri Centre Inc will continue to provide core community services at 2 Central Road, Tom Price, and invest our time and energy into the expansion of the much-anticipated new childcare centre ready for opening in 2023.


Please Note

  • All gift certificates made prior to the 1st of September 2022 need to be used by Wednesday the 31st of August 2022.
  • Any loyalty/discount cards will cease as of the 1 September 2022.
  • All telephone orders/catering/employment enquiries to go to Hayley Barnett on 0431 213 770.


We would like to say a heartfelt thankyou to our dedicated coffee and foodies of the Pilbara, visitors to the area, local businesses, and our fantastic landlords IBN Corporation for allowing The Nintirri Centre to operate The Pickled Bean over the last four years.  None of this would have been possible without our dedicated and hardworking team at the café.

With the new ownership, will come a fresh name and change – watch this space as a new adventure begins.


Yours faithfully,

The Nintirri Centre Inc Board and Management